About the residence

You must have a home insurance when staying with us.

Home insurance

You must have a home insurance when staying with us. Without home insurance you have no protection and the costs can be very high if you are subjected to burglary, damage, flood or fire. Please note that your parents' home insurance does not apply. You need to have your own insurance for your home. In your home insurance, you also have a protection when traveling abroad if the accident occurs. It’s best if you talk to a insurance company in your homecontry and choose one that suits best for you. Most of the Swedish insrucance companies requires the Swedish personal number, if you have that, you can take an insurance from a Swedish insurance company. 

HSK Fastigheter works closely with Länsförsäkringar Halland (requires the Swedish p-number) where they offer a comprehensive insurance of SEK 375 per semester. Länsförsäkringar Halland also visits the university at least once in the semester if you have any questions about your insurance. HSK Fastigheter strongly recommends this student package if you move away from home for the first time. More information can be found on lfhalland.se

No smoking

Smoking is not permitted in our properties, either in apartments, dorms or in common areas. In case of violation your contract will be cancelled and you will be liable to pay for remediation / renovation.


All our properties have broadband 10/10. Krusbäret from Telia and Hertig Knut from Surfia. If a higher speed is desired, the broadband provider is contacted by the tenant and the tenant stands for the difference.


Keys for apartments and dorms are collected at HSK Fastigheters reception on the campus area at the university. The keys can be picked up only after 13:00 on the day of occupation. On Krusbäret there is also a tag system through Great Security which needs to be activated to work.

Commons areas

In our houses there are common areas that all tenants have shared responsibility for, mainly entrances, stairwells and corridors. Krusbäret also shares the kitchen of several tenants. It is forbidden to use these spaces drop off site. For fire protection and well-being reasons, nothing should be placed in these spaces by anyone other than HSK Fastigheter. Cleaning of stairwells, entrances and corridors takes place once a week. Other common areas are expected to be cleaned by the tenants.