Apply for accommodation

HSK Fastigheter is working with a waiting list where we send out offers for vacant items to all student waiting on the list.

To show interest in an item, reply to the mail within the deadline specified in the mail. It will then be the one of the respondents who stood the longest in our waiting list who receives an offer of accommodation.

Once you have accepted an accommodation we will check if you are a member of the Halmstad Student Union. If you are not a member, you need to be so before signing the contract. If you are not a member of the Student Union when signing the contract, the offer will be lost and offered to another applicant.

We apply 12-month rentals in our homes, which means you pay the same monthly rent throughout the year. We also have 2 calendar months notice period.

The spot on the waiting list is personal and can not be transferred. Once you have accepted an offer, you will lose your spot on the waiting list. However, you have the option to re-register as a searcher, but start from the beginning with a new registration date.

We will get your full personal code number from Halmstad Student Unions membership system.

To place yourself in our accommodation queue please fill in the details and requests below

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