Hertig Knut

On Hertig Knutsgatan, we have small apartments of 1 - 2 rooms up to 35 sqm.

The apartments are equipped with a kitchenette. The rent varies from SEK 3100 - SEK 6200 depending on whether the apartment is to be furnished and how many people live in the apartment. Many of our tenants choose to stay 2 people in our apartments and share the rent. The rent includes internet, heating, electricity and water.

If something happens outside working hours, then the contact 35 - 13 67 70


Hertig Knut is a stone's throw from the University and you can easily walk in five minutes. A bus stop is located at the university and if you want to walk you have the city center 2 kilometers away. Hertig Knutsgatan is also close to a travel center if you want to see other parts of Halmstad. If you want to take a dip in the sea, you only have 3.5 kilometers to the East Beach.


On the same street there is also a pizzeria and within a a few kilomters you will find food stores, gyms and restaurants. In the immediate area there are walking paths and and activity parks with outdoor gyms.

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