Living in a corridor is a fun accommodation alternative as a student. There is always someone here to talk to and there is often something going on.

However, you have your own room so you can always close it if you want to be alone when you need it. Living with others can feel safe when you have not lived away from home in the past and it is also economical to share a lot of expenses.

At Krusbäret you also live in an international environment with the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world. Many of the university's international students live here during their college studies at the university.

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The accommodation

The corridor housing of the Krusbär is a two-house area of 162 dormitories. At Krusbäret you live in spacious and airy dorms of about 20 sqm with a private toilet and shower. Each floor is divided into four units, each unit consisting of 9-10 student rooms with shared kitchen. In each student's room there is a broadband connection included in the rent (for wifi you need to bring a router).

The rent varies between SEK 3600 - 3900, depending on whether you want a furnished or unfurnished room. Electricity, heating and water are also included in the rent. At Krusbäret there are also good opportunities for guest rooms if family or friends come to visit.


Located about 1 kilometer from the university and about 1.5 kilometers to the city center, it is easy to get through both by walking and cycling. If you want to reach further distances, there is a bus stop on the street just outside and a bus and train travel center within a kilometer distance.


In the immediate area you have access to grocery stores, gyms, pizzerias and restaurants. Also parks, tennis courts and walking trails around Halmstad. Not far away is Halmstad Arena which offers both sports and bathing houses.

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