To move out

There is a lot to think about when moving from your accommodation, such as address change, mail forwarding, key management and cleaning.

Please note that you must have left the apartment and your keys to HSK Fastigheter before 12.00 on the day of departure.


Once you have cancelled your contract, we are planning an inspection with you, preferably during the last day you plan to stay in the residence. It is important if you are already unsure if you have any shortcomings that will need to be resolved to notify us so we can expedite the inspection so that you can correct any damage. If damage is detected after moving, you will be charged for recovery.


The apartment or dorm room should be cleaned before moving out. Be careful and expect it to take longer than you think. The person who moves in after you has the right to a cleaned apartment and you are responsible for it. If the apartment is not cleaned when the next person moves in, you will have to to pay for cleaning by a cleaning company

To move in

If the apartment or room has any shortcomings, either regarding standard or cleaning, it is important that you notify it to HSK Fastigheter directly. If you did not report shortcomings within one month after you moved in, you may be responsible for the shortcomings when you move out, whether you caused them or not.