Exchange student

All admitted exchange students will receive information via email on how to apply for accommodation through HSK Fastigheter. Please read more about the process and who is eligible.

Who is eligible?

If you come within an exchange program you can apply for student housing thru HSK Fastigheter.

Rental period

All our accommodation has a 3-month notice period. 

The application process

 All eligible students will receive an e-mail with information on how to apply for accommodation. This email is sent in the middle of May for students beginning their exchange studies in the autumn, and in the end of November for students beginning their exchange studies in the spring.

Accommodation Offers

If you have applied for accommodation before the deadline you will receive an e-mail from HSK Fastigheter with a confirmation after June 27th (autumn semester) or December 15th (spring semester).

The accommodation offer will include information about the type of accommodation, the area, your first rent payment due date, key pick-up, a copy of the rental contract, and so on.
Before signing the agreement read all our information carefully.